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I have recently returned from Kings Cup 2013, Last year I attended this event but joined at the last minute and was completely un-prepared. This year, to make the trip count, I started preparing in early April by racing at the TWIGP Rounds which consisted of 4 race rounds all around Thailand, it helped me achieve my end results.

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Last year at Kings Cup I raced in Novice ski 2 stroke stock out of the 4 mottos (doing 6 laps in each) I was only able to finish 1 of them. This year with all my preparation I decided to give two classes a shot, I raced in Novice ski 2 stroke stock again and Pro-am women ski limited. In the Novice ski 2 stroke stock I rode a stock SXR 800 which belongs to 59 Transport, in the first two mottos I placed 5th in both out of 8, then in the third motto on the second day I had a very good start placing 2nd putting me in a overall 3rd position going into the last motto the next day. In the Pro-am women ski limited I had to ride the stock SXR 800 against the limited hydros, we had arranged to hire a limited hydro owned by a Thai police man but unfortunately that didn’t arrive due to him being in Bangkok working. In the first motto I got 4th which is a polite way of saying last haha but I still tried my best, In the second motto I had some luck and managed to beat a hydro giving me 3rd out of 4. The last day of racing arrived, this is the day everyone is most nervous about because it is when the Champions are crowned, my day went like this motto 3 of my women’s before lunch then after lunch the final motto of my Novice then my final motto of the women’s. In motto 3 of the women’s I bet the same hydro home like I did in motto 2, this put me in a overall 3rd spot for the final motto of the day. Next up was motto 4 in the Novice with where everyone was sitting on the ladder I knew I needed to finish 2nd to give me an overall 3rd, I got a really good start coming out in 2nd after the hole shot unfortunately with about 2 laps to go I was over taken moving me back into 3rd spot and sadly this is how I finished, I hadn’t done enough to get the 3rd place and ended up placing 4th overall in Novice ski 2 stroke stock by 1 point. I had to quickly put this disaster behind me and start to get focused for motto 4 of the Women’s. I went to the line knowing I had to finish 3rd to give me 3rd overall otherwise if I got 4th then I would of been tied in points with another racer giving me a 4th overall. I stood on the shore line waiting for Kings cup to go live so we could start the motto, I was looking out onto the track and it was FLAT this wasn’t a good sign, flat water with a slight ripple is great for the hydros and knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up no matter how hard I tried, I needed some wind. Finally it was time to begin we started I came out of the hole shot in last place the hydros were already beginning to pull away, there wasn’t much I could do but just stick at it and push through the pain especially after my disappointment in the Novice, I had to try and stay right behind them and hope one might fall. About half way through the race something changed, the wind started to blow and the water started to become very choppy, I could see the hydros in front becoming closer and closer, next thing I knew we were going into the last lap with me still closing the gap between 2nd and 3rd who were battling it out. The three of us all went into the split nose to nose, 2nd took the outside split forcing 3rd to take the inside split and me 4th to take the outside split. This was it this was how it was going to finish once again I hadn’t done enough, then all of a sudden 2nd went to the miss buoy marker giving me the chance to move into 3rd. I had this out burst of luck and I finished 3rd giving me a 3rd overall in the Pro-am Women ski limited. I have never been so proud of myself with the way I rode and how I didn’t give up.

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King’s Cup 2013 wouldn’t have been such a success if it wasn’t for all the people who have helped me along the way. Firstly I would like to thank my dad who has believed in me and who has gotten me to were I am today, Everyone back in Australia who have helped trained me or supported me (My mum, Zac Dowding and Jetsportwest), Jettribe racing who supply me with all my needs and who always support me no matter what and last but not least Mr Lek and his team from 59 racing who have taken me on board, helped me out at the TIWGP rounds, lent me their ski to race on at Kings Cup 2013 and a special thanks to pie for being my holder throughout the year. I have seen many kind words being said about me on social media and as a 15 year old it means heaps and boost my confidence. I look forward to seeing everyone next year.

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