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    tooth spacing on trigger wheel?

    off hand, does anyone know the tooth spacing on the crank angle sensors trigger wheel? i cant take my ski apart to look at it so i need a little help.

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    to clarify why i would like to know, i need to know how the ignition events relate to the crank degrees. im trying to piggyback an ECU into the stock harness, but i need to know how the igntion events occur. and i cant quite picture it all in my mind. id really appreciate any help.

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    cmon, help me out. i just want to know how the crank position sensor picks up its signal. someones got to know.

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    The crank has an encoder wheel and there is a magnetized CPS. As far as degress, etc. Nils could probably answer that. Shoot him a pm. nils888

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    thank you very much. ill do that right now.

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