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    Best Naturally Aspirated 4 Stroke for CC Racing


    Advice needed please, wife has now decided to stay in the N/A Class for racing as she feels more comfortable racing in this class as opposed to the Pro Runabout on our Seadoo GTR.

    Question is what would be the best Closed Circuit N/A 4 stroke ski to get for racing on.

    We know the Seadoo range quite well and was initially looking at the GTI 155 , however what is the Yammi equivalent for example?

    We have also a 2009 VX110 however this deffo feels underpowered, we looked into intake /air upgrades etc , however I still do not think it will compete with the newer skis?

    Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated, please I do not want to start a brand slanging match just genuinley would like some informed advice on what ski we should look at getting.

    Thank you in advance for your input it is greatly appreciated.


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    Hey mate, I'm no ski racer, but I'd put my money on the Gti SE .. I'd even go so far as to back track a little to the 07-09 model .. I had a wicked thing going once with a big lumpy cam, shaved head etc .. The turning and handling of this little ripper made the thing go like a cut snake ..

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    Clay Barbee did very well on the VXR this year....

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    FxHO or a VXR .

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    Na class in the US is stock only for 4 strokes. 15f handles rough better, vxr is faster, fxho is a good middle. Seadoos are slow.


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    Imo the VXR is a pretty decent N/A CC race boat. Build quality is excellent.
    Easy to modify for 4-stroke Stock
    Class legal rules (less than $2500 ttl RETAIL!). VERY reliable and VERY
    economical to race. Pump gas (91)
    even with reflash.. if you don’t go
    crazy with the timing.
    You can run practice and 3 motos
    on around 10 gallons +/-.

    Reason I say “pretty decent” CC
    racer is that you can’t make it
    handle like an XPL (or be as fast
    as Amy Green’s old GPR). You
    really need to learn how to ride
    Ricky Bobby sez, “it’s like an
    unruly teenager”..., and he’s
    spot on imo haha.

    Some will say a GTI set up per
    Les Cooke’s specs and a Les
    Cooke ecu would be a better
    N/A CC racer. Dunno, there
    aren’t any on the line.

    Part of the reason XPLs dominated
    WF the last two yrs is that about
    half the riders were pro level riders
    on pro level boats. And the class
    currently is an ‘all skill level’
    class. When/if the class grows
    enough it may offer Amateur and
    Pro-Am levels.

    Give ‘Club VXR’ a look see here:

    And sift through Ricky Bobby’s GH forum

    Hope this helps..., good luck!
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    I'm a Dooo fan all the way...

    But vxr has the n/a speed n power...

    That 1.8 is a very smooth n quick motor.

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