Good afternoon greenhulk members! I have been chasing down a hard starting and poor running problem for several months now. Changed fuel lines, fuel filter, plugs several times (they were fouling out), cleaned and rebuilt the carbs. New gas everything only seemed to make the ski run a little better but was not fixing the hard starting. Motor would just turn over. Id have to turn her over maybe 10 times to finally get it to start up. Then it would idle rough and would really take off. Lots of smoke as well. Rpms would only get to 6500. I had recently redid a seadoo ski with a 787 and when I was done it started in a click, reved to 7000 rpms and was a monster so I didn't understand what could be going on. Low and behold, one day while cranking the engine over I opened up the engine bay. I noticed the ground wire was melted a little at the end so of course I grabbed the nut, burning myself. So I cleaned off the battery terminal and wire. Still hard to start. I read online to take a jumper cable and ground the battery to another part of the engine. I did this and the engine started immediately with twice the cranking power!!! It idled amazing, revved perfectly to 7000 and have yet to foul a plug. So I immediately detached the grounds from the started and relocated to a cleaner bold on the intake manifold and attached the other ground that goes to the MPEM directly to the battery. Not sure why they wouldn't put it directly to the battery in the first place makes no sense. So just a heads up to other stumped boaters and skiers. Clean your grounds and reattach in a better location!