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    Seadoo RXP Performance Parts

    Rude 3 Super Charger $1,350 USD

    Sea Doo Centre Les Cook re programed ECU 6600 rpm limiter 2004/2005 (runs 60 psi injectors) $600 USD

    Riva Open Loop Ride Plate (good for 2-3mph) $165 USD

    Rad4Racing cnc'd 2'' Set Back Pump Spacer $665 USD

    Teds 2" Extended RXP Drive Shaft (brand new, unused) $600 USD

    60 psi Injectors $190 USD

    50 psi Injectors $190 USD

    Rad4Racing Torque Plate $75 USD

    JD Open Loop Cooling Kit with Rad4Racing Thermostat Bomb $360 USD

    4" Air Filter with 4" Super Charger Adaptor & 4" high flow piping Elbow $120 USD

    Riva Catch Can $90 USD

    Fully Ported RXP Race Head with Riva Valve Train Upgrade $5000 USD

    Walbro High Volume Fuel Pump & Rising Rate Fuel Regulator Kit $300 USD

    Solas Impellor to suit this Package $220 USD

    Riva Rear Intake $200 USD

    Koso Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Meter $250 USD

    Piranha Parts External Intercooler $380 USD

    May also sell Rad4Racing Shorty Waterbox & Big Bore High Flow J Pipe just got to sort out a stock replacement.

    All items plus freight from NZ.
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    Yes the rad4racing torque plate comes with the bolts. Ill work out the shipping cost to Perth including the 4" air intake set up, are you after the riva rear air intake or the internal 4" pod filter set up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grinder View Post
    Fully Ported RXP Race Head with Riva Valve Train Upgrade $5000

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    Wow.. I want half that list..

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