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    Fuel Lines on 2004 virage i

    Need to replace the fuel lines. Does anyone know the size or a good place to purchase them. Looked at the posts on here and looks like the black marine fuel line is what I need or is there some thing else. Mine are a red rubber braided fuel hose.

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    See my signature links for the specifics on marine fuel hose.

    The Ficht engines use 1/4 inch fuel hose, if memory serves.

    The Schrader valve tee hose barbs actually sized for 5/16" fuel hose so I use a heat gun to soften the hose and allow it to stretch more easily over the large barb fittings.

    You want normal reinforced fuel hose as the pressures can reach around 30 PSI.

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    Thanks k447

    Started putting parts back in different hull. Going to pull jug and inspect it for the scoring while engine is out (picture in post on pump removal). Hope it is not too bad. The ski was running fine but looks like it was about to blow up.

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