The Watercraft Journal: Okay Todd, how did Rad Dudes Freestyle Innovations get started?

Todd Saulnier: Well, Mark Strollo and I had been friends growing up in Cheshire, CT. I moved outta town and we lost contact. We got back in touch through the forum while trying to buy parts off each other. After that we started a crew of friends and figured we needed a gang name that best represented us and the neon era from which our sport grew and then the Rad Dudes were started! We started making parts for our X2s and then made extras to pay for our own. The parts sold fast so we made 12 more, and they would sell even faster. So we added more parts and so on.

WCJ: What do the Rad Dudes offer today?

TS: Quickly realizing that X2s were a small part of the market, we expanded into making Yamaha WaveBlaster parts, then Yamaha SuperJets and now we make parts that are going in almost every after market hull around the world. We offer a little bit of everything, many ideas come from parts we need that no one offers. If you donít see what you are looking for on our website, shoot us an email and we will make it for ya.

WCJ: What are the hottest of Rad Dudes products?

TS: I would say our hottest parts would be our X2 surf brace, our 1100 Blaster swap kits and our Hitch hauler. All of which can be found on the Rad Dudes site.

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