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    Torsional Vibrations or How to Nuke a Crankshaft

    Ever wonder why Rotax specifies their 2 stroke crankshaft be tossed and replaced with new at 500 hours? Have your engine vibration isolators broken? Here's you answer read about engine torsional vibrations:

    There is much more but, these link cover crankshafts and remember a 2 cylinder 2 stroke is = to 4 cylinder 4 stroke in firing pulses. Your Internal Combustion engine should be called Intermittent Combustion it's power is transmitted in both direction, yes the crankshaft actually rotates backwards for a few degrees each firing pulse. It's amazing they stay in one piece especially 1 cylinder ones.

    This problem is easily solved start making boxer engines instead of inline or V engines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skoog View Post
    This problem is easily solved start making boxer engines instead of inline or V engines.
    Do you mean horizontally opposed?

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