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    Yamaha SUV is Bogging under load. Runs fine on hose what could be the problem?

    Happy New Year!! Well after sitting for a good year or more I got a new Battery & sprayed starter fluid in the carbs & Started my Yamaha SUV wave runner. It started right up so we put her in the water, she ran well for about 15 min, then seemed to get super bogged.. it wouldn't go higher than a bit above idle. if I gassed it it would bog & want to die... We pulled it out of the water & went through her for the next day.. we siphoned off the gas put some fresh gas in it. One of the big hoses in the back battery compartment had come off & some water was in the hull we replaced the hose clamps & thought that may have been it. Continued to do due diligence on checking for loos stuff, Felt we had it checked out. We ran it on the hose for 30 min it ran fine & even revved up just fine sounded good! we put it back in the water & same thing. No power under load. as soon as it was in the water with load on the motor it bogs. I spoke with my mechanic & he is thinking carb's are in need of a rebuild. Could this be the case? Just curious how & why it would run fine on the hose & not under load if it is the carb's... It sat for over a year with non ethanol pre mixed gas in it. I did not turn off the fuel & burn out the fuel from the carb's so they did sit there with fuel in them. (no one told me to do that until after it sat!!!) Any way your thouhts?

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    You probably needed a carb rebuild before you ran it but now you probably need a top end rebuild from running it lean. It is time for a compression check. You probably have a cylinder down and that is why it has no power. Good Luck Cliff

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