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    New Ski - What would you get??

    Hi Guys,

    Sitting here up in the Boston area getting 15" of snow....but thinking about opening up the lakehouse in May .

    I decided this year I was sick of messing around with used boats and jetskis. I bought a new Tracker Bass boat (175 txw with 60HP Merc), and now I am looking for a new Jetski.

    I want to feel like I am getting a "deal". I think I want to go NEW, but not sure?

    I have heard nothing but good about Yahamas and my buddy has one that is 10 years old. Should I also consider Sea Doo?

    I was looking at the Yamaha VX Deluxe or the Sea Doo GTS 130.

    Any feedback on the Sea Doo or Yamaha?? Just looking to make the right decision as I will have this one for some time.

    I want some "pep" to it, but doesn't need to be a turbo or crazy top speed. I think the Yamaha will do 52mph and gets up nice for a 4 stroke....not sure of the Sea Doo??

    Most important things are reliability and value

    Thanks for any feedback!!

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    Go the gts mate .. So much more fun !!!!

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    Thanks Safari! So that's one for the Sea Doo. I guess I will have to check it out....

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    Own an FZR... very happy with it.

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    I like pipes. I love boost Mr. GP1800's Avatar
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    If you go Yamaha definitely get the 1.8 motor in whatever you get. I would suggest the VXR if you are looking at a VX

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    Out of the two I would go with the GTS.

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    i got a sd gtr and a vx110 , if you dont want 1800 engine go for the gti, however we are seriously looking at the new vxr 1800 n/a seems bullet proof to me and reasonably priced.

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    Seadoo Spark

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    Don't discount a Kawasaki 15f either. Great all round ski and very reliable.

    I know it wasn't on your original list but worth a look into.

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    ride it like you stole it!!! raceneked's Avatar
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    a PAIR of Sparks!

    ...I know they arn't on the list; but I think they'd be a great fit for your needs...

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