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    zxi 900 Fuel Gauge Project

    Well, I didn't really THINK it was going to be a project. Based on my reading here, it seemed kind of obvious that it was my sender. Full seemed to work ok, then once it gets to half or so, drops to empty quickly. Floats bad is how that read.

    I didn't have direct access to ski so bought a sender on ebay. To my pleasant surprise, the 900 tank must be smaller than the 1100 as many posts described the issue of having to move the tank around to give room to get sender out. 900 allows for a quick and simple removal. Put the new one in place in about 5 minutes!

    Now the bad news. Same result. I didn't have a bucket of fuel to test it so not 100% positive the floats were all floating but my old one was pretty brittle and falling apart so I was confident.

    I hooked the old one back up to the wires and slid all the floats up. Gauge does nothing?! So, now I'm back to the drawing board. Of course, I'm not at the ski to actually test the gauge. Just bought one on ebay. Throwing good money after bad I know but next time I go to the ski, I have to have something to try. I'll put an ohm meter on the old sender since it is out and test that along with testing the gauge. Not 100% positive what the test is for the gauge but did read about the sender ohm / resistance test.

    Will keep you posted but suggestions would be very welcome!

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    Keep in mind that the resistance range on the digital display senders is about 8000 ohms, the senders for the analog displays is about 85 ohms. They are NOT interchangeable.

    I can look up the specs when I get home tonight.

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    Thanks. Seller had it for same ski, same year so I'm hoping it is right.

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