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    Any tricks to re-installing cylinder to block

    Putting my SUV 1200 back together and was wondering what tricks anyone has to get the cylinder back on the block. Already installed the new pistons/rings and cylinder to block gasket

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    No tricks to it that I know of, just work it down one piston at a time pushing the rings into the groove on the piston as needed. I usually just use my fingers, but a flat head can be used if your fingers are not accustomed to such torment. Make sure there is lots of oil everywhere.

    P.s. I'f you are trying to do this with the block in the machine, that is a PIA. And something I never do. I can put new cylinders on new pistons/rings in about 30secs on my bench. Tried it one time in the machine and after 30mins of cussing I ended up pulling the lower half out. Only takes about 5 mins since you already have the top end off.

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    I used wide zip ties from home depot to snug the rings on the pistons and it slides easy in the cylinders...did it to all my skis when was a pain in the ass to do it by hand on my triple yami till I figured out wide zip ties was a no tie all three pistons and slide them in..cut the ties and your done.......

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    I don't know Echo, I think its a pain in the ass putting these cylinder blocks on. You da man if you can do it in 30 seconds. For the rest of us here's some tips we've been using.
    1100/1200 cylinder install
    I've used the paint stir stick method and it works. I've also used zip ties. That also works. Neither method is bulletproof but they do help quite a bit. My best helper was a second person helping out.
    But like Echo said, in the ski....forget about it. It sux

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    Two-person, zip tie, in the ski worked ok for me. Took about 15 minutes if I remember correctly.

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    I use worm clamps to compress the rings on the pistons. Stagger the pistons ( I have a piston holder made from a piece of 2x4 cut down to about 3" wide with a slot down the middle to let the rod pass through) just set the block on and as the each piston goes into the bore you can loosen the worm clamp and remove it. If one doesn't start right it's easy to loosen and reposition the worm clamp. Works great on the Kawasaki 900/1100 triples that are a pita because no sleeve extends beyond the bottom of the block.

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    I gotta go with echo on this, pull the crankcase and assemble on the bench. Those 1 piece triples are rough. I also vote for a second pair of hands. So much easier if somebody can hold the cylinders while you line up the rings.

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    second pair of hands is key IMO. Lol i needed it on a 2 cylinder

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