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    09 stx 15f occasionally Misfiring and stalling

    Hey all, I have an issue with my 15f. It seems to run perfect for about 30 minutes then starts to Misfire and then occasionally stall. Sometimes it starts right back up other times it takes 30 seconds before it will re fire. It seemed to happen originally only after jumping large waves but then the next time I went out it happened after jumping but continued to play up afterwards. No errors come up and the plugs seem fine. Thanks in advance.

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    PROBLEM RESOLVED..... Read on...
    Just thought id follow up on my post to help others who maybe having similar issues. I followed through smokeysevin's post as suggested but the trouble was the fault was so intermittent that no amount of testing was going to find the fault unless it was occurring at the time. Being that it would only play up for a couple of seconds at a time testing was almost impossible. Anyway as the fault was only seeming to happening under load I left the ski strapped to the trailer and dropped it in the water, down the ramp enough that I could run it, and hopefully make it play up while under load (trying to push my hilux up the ramp). After 3 hours of reving it still wouldn't misfire. I unstrapped it and took it onto the water. As soon as I hit a few waves, bingo! started to play up. I took it home and checked every connection I could see on the ski and all looked fine. Then I decided to pull the fuel pump out in case of a clogged screen etc. Turns out there are two plugs on the fuel pump that are inside the fuel tank. One connects to the underneath of the top of the pump housing and the other end of that connects to the fuel pump. My connection to the fuel pump was corroded badly. As the fuel was sloshing around in the tank the wiring loom was moving about and causing the voltage on the fuel pump to drop (due to a bad connection) and giving me poor fuel pressure, resulting in shudder, misfire and difficult starting. I tried to clean out the plug connection but, although it was much better, it would still occasionally miss. I ordered an after market pump, installed it, dropped some methylated spirits into the tank to help clear up any water that was still left in the tank (causing the corrosion) and replaced the inline fuel filter. Took her for a spin and it runs like a dream.
    Hope this might help someone out there that might be experiencing the same issue.
    Ill post a few pics of the plugs for interest sakes.
    Cheers Lads
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    My name is Sean and I am addicted to STXs smokeysevin's Avatar
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    Ill add it to the list, glad you got it fixed. I had a boat with a loose top connection that presented a similar diagnosis.


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