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    My 97 xp seadoo won't start

    Just chasing some advice. I have a 97 XP seadoo that won't start.
    There was a clicking sound coming from the solenoid.
    Replaced solenoid, battery and starter motor and now there is a buzzing noise instead.
    5 A fuse Ok
    Battery measuring 12.3 volts
    When I run the power straight to the starter the motor doesn't turn over.
    Turned prop by hand seems OK
    Any more suggestions.

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    Check the battery voltage during cranking. Could be showing good till under load.

    Pull the plugs out and try it. Could have fluid on top of the pistons. This will also allow the engine to turn over as easy a possible.

    Past that you may have something bound up in the engine. I had a 97 gti that would not turn over. Traced to a bad solenoid. Replaced. Still nothing. Pulled the plugs and it blew oil out the top end but spun over. Then would not spin over again. Finally pulled the motor and found what looked like a metal shim wedged in the rotory plate, and the rotory gear stripped. Rebuilding it now.

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    Check your ground cable. Make sure both ends are clean and tight.

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    one of three things....weak battery, replace ground cable, replace the starter. had this happen on a 95XP once and it turned out to be the starter

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    Next check is the starter itself... if some water was in the hull the aging o-rings in the starter could have let water in. I have seen several of these. I open them up for a starter rebuild and find a rusty mess and buy a whole new starter.

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