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    Gp1200r spark plugs 3 different colours

    Hi IV a 00 gp1200r seams 2 run ok but has started having a bad rattle at idle ? Impeller looks like it's damaged ? an spark plugs are 3 different colours cyl #1 is a tan colour cyl#2 is a white colour an cyl#3 is a black colour ?? IV just had a full rebuild at a cost of £2000 think IV been ripped off 😢😱 wanna start doing repairs myself so any advice would b a great help thanks 👍👍😊

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    Hello, I take it your in UK. I would 1st see if you can get your prior service center to make good on the work they did. 2000lb on rebuild a very lot of money for a 2000 2 stroke ski.

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    lol the ski runs ok I'll get about 55 mph out of it but it's start havin a bad rattle when it idles ? Not sure if that's due till damage 2 impeller an causing vibration ?? an it's backfired a few times an the plugs r different colours so I'm thinkin carbs r not set up right ? I'm kinda new 2 Jetski but love my gp �� an wanna learn as much as I can about maintaining an repairing it not going 2 b ripped of by any more cowboys, I'm in Ireland an there is only 4 or 5 places over here that work on jet ski an there all con men an very expensive �� so any help an advice would b a great help thanks ������
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    2000.00 is not so bad for a full overhaul including labor

    start with a compression check to make sure all cylinders are in good shape. They should be close to equal on all cylinders

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    Done compression test cyl#1 120psi cly#2-3 r 90 psi ? cyl 2-3 were honed an plated an he's put 3 standard pistons in so I'm thinkin that might b reason 4 drop in compression ? IV the exhaust off an ready 2 get my hands dirty, an get my ski running at 100% an be able 2 keep it that way, IV an new impeller ordered an a pump seal kit, is the impeller hard 2 change ?

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    Threads on your impeller are left handed. To take it off you must turn it clockwise. You may need to use a little heat to get it off. Use antiseize on the threads when you reinstall.

    With the bad compression numbers, I would suggest that you pull the head to inspect the cylinders for wear.

    Backfireing could be caused by a crank out of index, bad electronics (CDI), poor carburetion settings, or bad reed valve(s). Because of your spark plugs and the backfireing, I would stay focused on the carbs and the reed valves..... especially if you smell raw gas when cranking sometimes.

    Check your clearence between the wear ring and the impeller before you remove the pump to find if it is within specs. Poor pump alignment could cause your wear ring to wear out. This is part of the clanging that you hear at idle.... the impeller banging up against the wear ring.

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    Hi salty I do get a strong smell of petrol when I remove the seat ? The rattle sounds like it's coming from engine, if I pull carbs an heads of will I need 2 replace gaskets there only new gaskets on it about 4 mths ago

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    IV just takin my power valve covers off ! There is a creamy coloured oil in pv ? What would cause that is it something to worry about ??

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    Creamy coloured oil is not good that norm means oil water mix, I have a 2001 gp and was getting 60-65 out of mine before the crank seal went and had to do a complete rebuild, this site is awesome check out build projects people have done as I had no idea about my ski when I bought it now from this site, YouTube and the net I can rebuild without a worry.

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    Hi Tim that's what I'm hoping for IV just had a full rebuild from crank up 12 hrs ago but dnt think he's done a good job ? IV low compression in cyl 2#3 an they were replated ? IV 3 different coloured spark plug milky oil in pvs an a rattle noise From engine at idle ? I know very little about jetskis but wanna learn an do all my own work , IV the exhaust off an was gonna pull whole engine out an go through it

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