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    Loose handlebars on my 2005 fxho

    Is there a way to tighten up the bars from moving up and down and a little sideways movement? The steering is fine and positive I just have some slop in the bars I'd like to eliminate.

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    Yes---it's easily done---you need to pull the plastic cover off the center of the handlebars --the screws are on the bottom side recessed into holes in the plastic--i think there is a total of 6 screws--they have phillips heads. Once the screws are out, pull the upper and lower half of the plastic cover apart.

    There's 2 clamps with 2 bolts each holding the handlebars in place--you can loosen them a bit and then move the handlebars where you want them and then tighten the bolts and put then plastic cover back on--- done!

    If you move the handlebars forward or back and then want to move the grips so the throttle handle is in a more comfortable position, there's a hex (or Allen) head socket on the grip that you loosen to rotate it where you want it.

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