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    2013 GTX 155 Sea Doo Continuous Issues

    My 2012 GTX 155 Sea Doo with 70 hours (2 years old) also sank yesterday, ski began to take on water, engine stopped and begun to sink, I jumped into the water tied a tow line from the nose of my ski to a friend’s ski and towed the ski over to nearest beach. Upon further inspection on the beach, we discovered a two and half inch hose below the battery had popped off, letting water gush into the hull of the ski.

    After I eventually got the ski home I managed to remove the battery and refit the hose. The ski restarted but the engine light come on and the engine sounded and felt splatterish.
    I could have at least accepted a split hose, but not a loose clamp around probably the most vulnerable spot on the ski let alone the other clamp that I also had to tighten whilst fixing the original hose?

    The ski is two years old and have not had at least 3 consecutive rides without an issue with the ski.

    I can’t even go for a ride on my own without worrying about whether one of the below will happen to me again while on the open water;
    - Motor will detonate, (motor replaced after 55 hours. (The ski motor detonated whilst on my own in open waters)
    - Engine light and buzzer will come on restricting RPM, (This has happened on 3 occasions where it was taken back to work shop)
    - Oil leaks, (has been in and out of workshop for oil leaks since motor replacement for 12 months)
    - Key failures,
    - Seat has pink dye seeping through. I have been waiting 18 months for a seat replacement
    - Sinking. (two and half inch hose below the battery popped off flooding the hull)
    I believe the ski has been in and out of the workshop at least 15 times totalling at least 6 months in the work shop over a two year period. The workshop is a 50min drive from where I live.

    I don't want to bag out Sea Doo but how much more can I be expected to take.

    Does anyone think Sea Doo will replace this lemon after two years of grief?

    Thank you if you have taken the time to read.
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    I take it that they have replaced the detonated engine ? The loose hose clamp was probably an apprentice's absent mindlessness whilst replacing the engine ? Unfortunately I doubt wether they would replace the ski .. But they should continue helping you out with all the glitches ... The ski should be alright once its been sorted though , you would think ? Oil pressure switch, or oil pressure, temp sensors coolant or exhaust, crank angle or knock sensors and relays / wiring will always play up every now and then ... It's just one of those things ... Although you've really been thrown in the deep end by the sounds of it..

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    Plus, you know, it's never really a good idea to head outside on your own .. Anything could happen and then its Bon voyage .. You just never want to have that much faith in anything mate ay .. Especially a bloody jet ski ..

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    I wouldn't let the ski sit if it sounds a bit spluttery. Either take the spark plugs out and wind him over for a while, putting your fingers over the holes to help punch any little bits of water out.. And then once it started sounding alright with the plugs back in her, take it straight out for a nice little run, not real fast, just nice and easy for at-least an hour or so to make sure any water left in the engine is evaporated or dried out .. If you let it sit ... There's a real good chance it could seize the motor or put pits in the crank ..

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    In saying that however .. The engine light is on. .. Make sure ya check the oil for water contamination before you go anywhere .. If there is water in the oil, your better off then to suck all the oil out of her and replace the filter etc. before you go .. If it looks alright , but the engine light is still on and your worried that it might break down again - which you probably would be.. Just hook the hose up to the exhaust and let her run like that for a while. Your really just trying to warm up the engine enough to heat the water until it all evaporates ...

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    Don't leave it running on the hose you will fry the carbon seal..
    Never run a new doo on the hose for more than 1-2 min tops!!!!
    After checking for water in the oil and if there isn't any then it does need to run in the water for 30+ min.
    I've backed my trailer in the water before and just let it run on the trailer. It needs to bake out any moisture left.
    If it sits with moisture your in for a lot of future head aches..

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    True true ...

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    Thanks Safari and Wotxxxsd, much appreciated.

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    Similar situation; I have a 2011 GTX Limited 260 - bought it, used it for approximately 2 hours, docked it, next day set out again an sank 10 feet from dock up to the nose. Brought it in, and after a couple months of fixing and problem shooting original dealer determined factory installation problem of "O-ring", where when machine was on and machine was ? it would force water into hull. Replaced O-ring under warranty, dealer had me pay extra for the multiple oil changes dealer had to do with expensive oil, because dealer wasn't being fully compensated by BRP. Didn't get back until after season; next summer after first time out another issue; brought in to original dealer unhappy, took them quite some time, determined intercooler needed to be replaced because it went bad due to 'sinking' (their words, not mine. Warranty covered, but I still needed to pay some labor, because dealer wasnt being completely compensated by BRP under warranty. I decided I was annoyed by these over-charges, believing they were over-charging me because I'm female (and naive about engines, etc.), so thought I will switch dealers. for Fall 2012 brought PWC in to be winterized; Summer of 2013 starts out machine broken again after season prep performed started for first time; turns out Shore Motor Block (unsure exactly what name is, but engine bar was broken while it sat?) again covered under warranty, but supposedly rebuilt engine with all new parts; also fixed something to do with Supercharger (I cannot read the handwriting regarding that) said should be last of my problems, and they didn't finish until end of season. (So happy with new dealer, no 'over &above charges' for warranty work, no telling me I should 'just deal with it') This summer major issues IBR and Map sensor replaced (computer was setting off 'check engine, and error codes were going off for almost everything, except upon manual review none of error code issues existed), even though out of warranty BRP covered parts. Picked it up this past Saturday, took it out Sunday, still same problem. Cannot quickly accelerate, cannot exceed speeds of 25mph, cannot turn 180 degrees without 'check engine' light and alarm going on and immediate feeling of going into neutral. BRP says they are sorry, will give me $800 toward new one, or can try to fix it again. Seriously wondering, how much longer can this go on? My old 2003 GTX 185 is so reliable, are these new suspension, braking ones just so much more susceptible?

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    BTW, as of yesterday there is a total of 39 hours on the machine, and I would say a quarter of those have been used by the original dealer attempting to figure out problem.

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