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    2003 SV1200A Won't Start

    New user to the forums and an extreme nubie when it comes to skis... I just started a new job and we have a 2003 SV1200A that won't start. The engine tries to turn over but won't start until I dump fuel right into each of the carbs. It will run for about 10 - 15 seconds depending on how much fuel I dump in and then quits. I've traced the fuel lines from the tank to the cut off to each of the carbs. I rebuilt the carbs today and noticed that I am getting fuel to the carbs as well. I've been searching this forum for about 2 hours now and haven't found a related post so I started a new one. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks


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    I'd check the compression on all cylinders first. Low compression on a cylinder can cause it to not create the manifold vacuum needed to make the carbs work correctly. But, your problem is almost certainly with the fuel delivery to the carbs. Check the fuel shutoff valve first, and work your way back to the tank. Could be a problem with the pickup in the tank.

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    First of all, Please do something back for future visitors, and post accurate information, pictures, and lets hope; The final solution to this problem, i see too many unsolved, incomplete fuzzy threats here

    With that said; Very welcome to the forum!

    Where exactly do you put your fuel directly? air intake or fuel inlets?
    If you have fuel to your carbs, the next step would be if the carbs work; can be pulsline problem or clogged carbs.

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