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    07 VX Deluxe needs Topside Painted

    what type paint to use, the clear coat is looking faded, some scratches @ front will need lite filling, decals fading as well, thinking a good paint that's easy to touchup and durable, would like to not use a clear coat, anyone have any experience with a repaint that has lasted a few good years without a clear coat.

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    Poly single stage. Super strong, and easy to paint. I use it on my skis and all it takes is a little sanding and the upol blending spray and the touchups are a sinch. Use a epoxy primer and itll be super tough and last a long time. Just did my vx skis, with this stuff and they came out beautiful!!

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    Any decent automotive grade urethane will work. Go with good quality 2 part fillers and primers also for a longer lasting results.

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    What color is the ski? if its white, go to the hardware store and get appliance epoxy, used that stuff for years..before i got blue skis..

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    I have sprayed acrylic enamel on outboards before but never polyurethane, ive got top feed spray guns and air dryers, would like to use a good quality single stage paint without a top/clear coat that would be durable and easy to touch up. ill have to check with a paint supplier to see if I can get a poly in the color id like to use, ski came with a 2 color scheme, the hood is a deep purplish blue metallic I think is the color and would like to paint the complete top side that color, two coats should be enough.

    Yamaha decals are expensive, anyone making decals for the vx deluxe, don't have to be exact oem decals ?

    here is a top side pic showing the fading and scratches
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    Youve got the same blue skis as i do. If you want the paints i can have it mixed here in the keys and mail it to you. No joke, this stuff is amazing. It mixes a 6:1:1 ratio of hardner and reducer and i try to make no more then a total of 12oz of paint. Thats all thats needed for a good coat. Non sanding epoxy primer will give it a nice OEM look, or you can go with a sanding primer and get it glass smooth. The gel coat lays down glass smooth. I have the blue that is almost as exact as you can get it, done by the best paint mixers in the Keys. Pretty sure they would even mail it, but since i already have an account and the codes for the color preset, it would be easier with me doing it. Totally up to you, if you can spray paint, you can use this stuff, very simple and very easy.

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    you have the code for the deep purplish blue metallic [the hood color] ? you talking urethane right ?

    give me a price on a quart with hardener and reducer, primer also, what about a filler ?

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    no you dont paint the hood, you replace them, 47 bucks i think for that part. Let me check my records to see what the cost was.

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