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    Quick Tech: Budget Mildew Removal

    Thereís two types of black mold, the regular fuzzy stuff that builds up in really wet spots and then thereís the nasty Stachybotrys chartarum black mold that causes people to get severely ill and condemns buildings. Weíre talking about the first stuff, and although itís pretty gross and smells rotten, wonít make you have to run to the hospital or load up on antibiotics.

    Like us, you probably have had to deal with that black mildew that forms on the inside of your PWCís hull. Personal watercraft (particularly older runabouts and pretty much all standups) get moisture in the hull and engine compartment. Itís just a fact. And if you donít properly get all that moisture out, youíre going to get some mildew buildup.

    Unfortunately, the best stuff to buy over the counter to get rid of mold are heavy duty bathroom and shower cleaners. These typically are bleach based and have other really caustic chemicals, and can strip away and discolor your fiberglass and gel coat. So those really arenít a good option. After trying every other non-toxic cleaner imaginable, weíve found a simple remedy using a product that every mechanic probably already has in their garage.

    All you need (1) some rags, (2) a scrub brush, (3) an old toothbrush and (4), mechanicís pumice hand cleaner. Simply apply a glob of the hand cleaner on your rag or brush and scrub away the black crud with ease. Neither the pumice-based hand cleaner or toothbrush are harsh enough to scar your finish too. And as an added bonus, if you use the citrus-based cleaner, youíll leave your engine bay smelling like oranges!

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    Another great write up!!!

    I use Tilex bathroom cleaner. It does have bleach in it but I haven't seen any damage to any fiberglass I've used it on. I've used it on 300+ skis. Just spray it on and leave it for 30 minutes and then hose it out.
    It's the easiest way I've found and turns the blackest hull interiors in to like new condition.

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