Admittedly, this is a departure from our usual personal watercraft news, but watching a guy go for a world record for distance on a motorcycle hydroplaning over a lake is pretty dang cool no matter how you cut it.

It’s hard not to love Guy Martin. He’s nothing short of enthusiastic, passionate and jumps right out of the screen. The animated TT racer – known for his big personality and big muttonchops, Martin has made a name for himself by pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible.

If you didn’t hear, Martin’s latest stunt – as part of a series called “SPEED with Guy Martin”- trying to set the world record distance for riding a motorcycle across water. If that sounds insane, just know that Martin’s last stunt had him pedaling a bicycle at 112.94 mph behind the slipstream of a truck on a beach.

In fact, that’s Martin’s whole goal as he “undertakes a series of speed-based challenges, exploring the boundaries of physics and learning about the science of speed.” This time around, Martin, with the “help of a Cambridge professor and a team of marine engineers,” will attempt the stunt on a dirt bike.
According to the synopsis, “The final record attempt takes place at Bala Lake in Snowdonia – which is so deep a 10-storey building could be submerged in it – with Guy surrounded by an army of rescue teams and emergency divers.”

Enjoy the results below:

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