Aloha & Thank you to those of you that responded!

Update. I went & did a compression check on the engine. Cylinder 1. 120 psi. Cylinder 2. 30 psi. Cylinder 3. 120 psi.
looks like I have lost compression on the middle Cylinder!

Ok So I have a few questions for you guys that replied,

How would old fuel cause a loss of compression in a cylinder? I had one poster saying that he thought running old fuel throught the carbs if clogged could have ran lean & hurt the top end of my cylinder.. How is this possible? The Fuel is Premixed so how can it be running lean or rich? I thought that was in the mix? I am totally open to your comments.
I will be pulling the heads off to see what happened in the middle cylinder. sense I am going to go in this deep I will replace the fuel lines, Fuel Filter, & clean the tank, I will also have the carb's rebuilt, but again would like to ask why this step is necessary as I don't understand how the carb's would have caused the loss of compression.

Is rebuilding the carbs something I should attempt or not?

Now that I am going to pull off the head is there anything you guys can tell me to do don't do while doing this? Tips? Is there a how to thread on this?

I helped a buddy do this same thing a year ago & I have the book in front of me. Is there a way to take off the head without taking it completely apart (ie exploded diagram) looks like there are two parts to the head.. Top end & middle.. can you loosen the long bolts & pull the head off in one chunk? if so which ones do I take out?

Any help, Tips, Or suggestions welcome!