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    how many years/models was the non PV 1200 made???

    just out of curiosity how many years was the non pv 1200 engine made by Yamaha. or maybe what other models was it in? I would assume it was made longer than 97 to 99 and I would assume it was in more than just the gp1200. thanks for any awnsers, sorry for a weird question, couldn't find any results searching really. trying to get an idea of how long it was produced and how many different models had this engine in it. trying to gauge the popularity of it.

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    I know for a fact that yamaha did a non powervalve in the 05-08 gp1300r. other than that I'm not sure

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    Non-pv 1200 in 98 & 99, maybe 2000 xl1200's as well as all SUV's (1999 to 2004 I believe)

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    The models you refer to use the 65u, it was in a few models in the late 90's including 97's and as stated above in the SUV though production.(99/2004)

    The 1300 mentioned above, well it is not a 1200 so not really relevant to the question asked. However it was in gpr's 05-08 non-PV efi

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    The 3 seater wave runners of those years along with the Yamaha jet boats also had (2) of the 65u engines. They are very reliable but thirsty engines. They also had a tendency to shake (vibrate) a lot.

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    97-99 GP1200, 98 only xl1200, all years of the SUV (1999 to 2004 I think?), and some of the yamaha Jetboats including 98-99 Exciter, 99-2003 LS2000, 2003-2004 AR210, 2003-2004 LX210

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