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    Two awsome 1997 original ww3 gp 701s one problem

    Gday im doing the usual wearing replacement on my ww3 jet unit but i cant get it all back in
    1 inch too short

    Question ?
    ive turned the prop shaft and slid everything in as far as i can into place , But now theres no more give too get the 4 long bolts to grap thread on the cone housing.

    They kiss..... Attachment 320917 ......but no grap no give . . i have tried a g-clamp to squash the rubber seal and wearing too the cone but still not enought . when i look at the shaft it two looks like its not in place Attachment 320919 see the shiny area !! thats wear and it shouldn't be seen or exposed , Aaalso the bolts to the hull are all off 1 inch short Attachment 320920 . so got too be the shaft is not in far enough correct ??

    >>>>> a pwc mechanic did the shaft skat-track prop and wearing for me . i got the rubber o ring .

    should i just keep trying the turn the shaft untill its in more ? is it really that ? cant be .

    apreciate some feedback sorry i tried to rotate the images but cant . glab to be onboard GreenHulk
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    you might have water inside the mid shaft splin housing not alowing the shaft to go all the way in, tilt the ski up in the front and see if anything comes out of the mid shaft splin housing. Tommy Jordan

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