Who: Zack Bright
Age: 25
Hometown: Lancaster, CA
Years Riding: Going on 5 years
Years Competing: 4
Type of Ski(s): Blowsion-built Krash Industries Predator with some DASA Power.

The Watercraft Journal: Zack, you’re definitely known in the sport for being one of the best, but tell us how you started out? What got you into the sport in the first place?

Zack Bright: Well that’s a nice thing to say! I try very hard. I got into this sport after doing lots of other sports. Motocross, skate boarding, snow boarding, surfing. What I love is self-expression. I found having an engine in the surf allows you do new things that push the boundary between surfing and motocross. I loved the fact that I could try things that I dreamt of trying on my dirt bike with less chances of dying, plus being able to catch waves for days and not be stuck laying on a board for half the session. It was like all of my favorite sports rolled into one. I was hooked after my first time hitting the surf.

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