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    Overheating 3D- Cooling System - Anti-Rollover Bypass Hose

    2005 SeaDoo 3D Basic -

    I have an overheating problem with the classic melted T-Joint issue & other pipe joints showing evidence of this. I am going through the cooling hoses, checking integrity & cleaning them out - making sure they are clear of blockages.

    Besides flushing I'm also checking free flow & leakage via blowing air into the hoses.

    When I got to the Anti-Rollover Hose (see graphic) the top valve was blocked & I could not get any air flow - the water flow is indicated as coming from that valve and into the lower one on the tuned pipe. Having read other posts saying to check the valve itself I removed the valve & there was a load of crud in the valve and the opening which I cleaned out.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My query is this - if I blow air via the bottom valve it flows freely, (as do the other hoses and valves), yet when doing the same with the top valve it doesn't flow at all - II want to make certain that this is correct & the method whereby the anti- rollover hose functions (the flow is not supposed to go backward?) or is this indication of a blockage and possibly my overheating problem??

    Thanks for any help or advice in "clearing" this up.
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    I'm in the exact same position as you're describing. I've just got the ski from someone who hasn't run it in 5 years. About 20 minutes into the first ride the engine cut out because of exhaust gasses leaking into the engine from a melted t-fitting on the exhaust.

    Did you manage to resolve the issue and should you be able to blow through the valve you have highlighted.

    Many thanks

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