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    First ride and race with my 14 FZS

    well finally took the FZS out to the lake with a few friends. Feels really nice and did my 90 minutes of break in. Compared to my 300x it its way more confortable, the only thing that feels better in the 300x is when you are going all out and meet with side waves from boats or other skis. Besides that awsome ski.

    After break in did a few races against my friends 12 300x with 73mph top speed. He has all the goodies, plate, grate, prop, intake, scom, etc. He might not be the best pilot but is not bad either. Anyway we did about 6 races. 5 of them I won til I hit the limiter and then he would pass me. I was amazed that I even beat him from the start as we all know how good the 300x is on take offs. The 14 FZ are awsome out of the hole, same or even better than the 300x.

    Sunday will hit salt water, will let you know. Can wait for some one to come out with the Speed control overide.


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    Nice! Hope you enjoy the new ski, you have a monster there that can easily take you way past 73 mph.

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    Lucky guy try get some videos of it and go hunt an rxpx down

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    Very nice to hear the 14 fz skis are what they say they are.
    A few light mods and you will be spanking that 300 every time.
    Very nice machine you have and Congrats!!!

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    Thanks. Can´t wait to start mooding, at least eliminate the speed control. Hopefully someone will come out with one sooooooooon

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    Congrats on the new ski, interested in the rxtx comparison if you can find one.

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    That's awesome that it beat the modded 300 outta the hole!

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    That's awesome my first race on my 2013 fzs was against a stock 300x and it got me pretty bad. Can't wait to catch them on my new fzr svho

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotxxxsd View Post
    Very nice to hear the 14 fz skis are what they say they are.
    A few light mods and you will be spanking that 300 every time.
    Very nice machine you have and Congrats!!!
    yeah that may happen on a lake with a few modifications The FZR is pretty unbeatable but try that challenge offshore ...

    Unless that rider on the Ultra 300 or better yet the NEW 310 is not experienced this 80 -85 mph FZR are slim and none...

    FZR is a great reliable ski... As long as it knows it's place...

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    That is what the FX SVHO is made for. All about the Offshore!!

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