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    Lost compression in middle cylinder SUV XL1200 how do I pull off the head?

    I just did a compression check & have lost compression in the middle cylinder.

    1. 120 PSI
    2. 30 PSI
    3. 120 PSI

    I am going to pull off the head & have a look Is there any how to on this site anyone can point me towards?

    Any helpfull insight on the job? do's and dont's?

    Can I take the head off in one chunk, without completely disassembling it like in the exploded diagram in the manual? if so which bolts to get the head off in one chunk?

    help would be great!
    thanks in advance!

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    you can remove the head in 1 piece, but it will be easier to get the exhaust out of the way

    I usually loosen the exhaust mounting brackets and just leave the stinger in the boat... with the brackets loose, you can just push the stinger over out of the way enough to get everything apart

    the 6 bolts that go around each cylinder are the ones to remove

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