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    Head bolt o-ring

    Putting my 800 DI engine back together. Mine had no orings on the head bolts when I took it apart. It had blue teflon sealant. Do I use the O rings that came with the seal kit or try to find the teflon sealant. Also is there any place that lists the torque specs for the engine. This is my first time rebuilding a jet ski and any help is appreciated. Just doing the top end.

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    I would think any RTV sealant would be fine to use. I have installed DI heads with no sealant and not had any issues.

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    Check the bottom bolts to the case and make sure they are torque to spec. It will be the only time to check them before the engine plate goes on. People have had the bolts actually come out or be loose.

    Well I guess since your only doing the top end, you don't have the motor out. It was just a thought. Mine were loose on my 750sl motor when I checked. 2 bolts were completely out.
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