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    Surging power

    Hi there,

    Got 2 of these Rxp 215hp, Just had one fully rebuilt as it dropped the exhaust valves just completed the run in period, but I am having a slight issue with the PWC, when I am riding sometimes it feels like it has sucked something up and the power starts to surge so I slow up and it will feel like it has sucked something and then it will cut out, I shut it off shake side to side etc and then it's fine again for a while and then it will do the same thing, I just had the pump rebuilt when they did the engine, I did tow it to the trailer and looked right up in there and there is nothing sucked up.

    Any ideas what the problem could be before a costly trip to the dealer?


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    How old is the fuel??
    How new are the spark plugs??
    Have you run any injector cleaner thru it recently??

    I run a double dose of Injector cleaner thru my skis at the 1st tank of the year and always atleast 1 time a month I'm adding it to the fuel..

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    Since you had the motor rebuilt I would get some compression #s as a good base line.

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