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Thread: What's wrong!

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    What's wrong!

    So I replaced my spark plugs on 2011 FX SHO because it was only hitting 6500rpm and 50 mph. The supercharger does not spin both ways and it's a 2013 clutch. The waverunner stalls after running wide open when coming off the throttle. Today after stalled I put it on the trailer and started it, it then only hit 4500 rpms. When I got home I started it again and open the throttle and it hit the rev limiter.

    Any suggestions?

    I'm stumped....please help!

    Thank you.

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    Never rev that high out of the water.... I would say sounds like a clutch.

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    How old is the fuel??

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    What mods are done to the ski?

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    New mods.

    will a bad clutch make it stall?

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    Any codes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwtony View Post
    Any codes?
    No codes....No lights.

    The code is 01-normal

    I did find oil in the Intercooler....about 1/4 cup. Could a sensor now be dirty?

    If needs rebuilding ....what is the cost...could it be bad rings?

    Thank you

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    How are the oil levels? That ski needs to be dead on perfect, or low. Never higher then the h, doing so could cause you to loose rpms. Therr are many other things to check before assuming its the rings.. This is most likely an electrical issue and not a mechanical. Check all your pipes. If your clamps are rusted, replace them. Get new stainless and check
    from the turbo inlet to the thru hull fitting for the exhaust. They need to be tight, and then a tightened a little more. Also it wouldnt hurt to look at the air filter and element. 91 octane? And have you checked compression?

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    The oil level just below the high mark....not over. No rust or corrosion on anything. I have been using 91 octane or better.
    The compression is 115 115 115 120.

    The filter looks clean.

    Would a computer diagnostic find the problem?

    Thanks for your responses!

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    Is it still under warranty??

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