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    Anyone Looking for Running no-core 1200 NPV motors?

    Found a pair of running 1200s with title (97 and 99) that the owner just wants out of his storage. Before I buy them, I'm just wondering what the greenhulk market is on low hour -90hr 1200 shortblocks with no core charge. I want to buy them with my nephew to show him how he can turn his savings into 2x by putting in a little effort and wrench turning time. Skis have titles. I would run them on the lake, take a video if it and a vid of the compression and gauge hours of course. PM me if you would be interested I. One this week or next with what you would offer to see if this is worth our time. Assume good even compression of 115 or better. These are fresh water skis.

    I will post "CLOSED DEAL" if we decide it isnt going to be worth it.

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    At it again, huh... lol. You find all the good stuff! Best bet is to ebay the engines. At least 700 in FL anyway, if someone needs it..

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    NON PV engine should do well.....

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    LOL, yea...I have a very difficult time not buying a killer deal like he offered me but I abhore parting skis out HA!

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