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    HELP! 94 TS 640 wont start.

    Hey guy! I have a 94 TS 640cc and it wont start or even burp.

    I have compression, spark, fuel, and air. I was only able to get a few single back-fires when spraying starting fluid in the intake while turning it over. It does not want to run.

    The ski is converted to premix fuel only. I found a throttle cable that wasn't attached to anything. Where does this go?

    The carb seems clean and will not start with fuel manually added. I need some help! Could it be timing issues? Do the spark plug wires go a assigned way or does it not matter?

    Let me know! Thanks!
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    Answers to your questions;

    1. It's not advisable to use ether in 2 strokes since it doesn't contain a lubricate and will seriously dilute any residual oil on moving parts. Try this, make sure your premix is fresh meaning less than 2 weeks old. Old fuel will make starting difficult and engine is likely to run poorly if at all. Put some fresh premix in a squirt bottle one with an adjustable nozzle and adjust for a fine mist. This will allow you to simulate a fuel injector by pumping if the engine starts and spray in the carburetor throat. What I suspect is you have a deformed or sheared Woodruff key on your magneto (as PWC folks call it). This often occurs when the running engine suddenly stops and rotating magneto mass abruptly stops deforming of shearing the key. A steering wheel puller will be needed to remove the magneto. Search for the Tigershark 640 service manual download link on this forum for how-to remove magneto. If you have an inductive timing light which clips on the sparkplug wires, you can visually check timing to verify the engine timing has shifted once again consult the service manual.

    2. The throttle cable attaches to the lower butterfly valve on the carburetor. I appears the screw attachment is missing see the service manual for complete instructions on how to re-attach the butterfly shaft. ***warning this screw is metric and must be the exact length to avoid damaging shaft most dealers will have it in stock.

    3. The only way to verify carburetor function is to disassemble it without a flow bench $$$$. If the squirt bottle keeps the engine running then suspect a carburetor of fuel line problem. As for the plug wires both cylinders fire together one on compression the other at exhaust and alternate i.e. 1 fires 2 exhaust 180 rotation 1 exhaust 2 fires and so on.

    Tips: the spray bottle with a DIY mix fogging solution will keep your engine innards in great condition. Search the web for how-to make a fogging solution, about the worse thing that can happen is the sparkplugs may need cleaning with a brake or carburetor cleaner which is a snap vs. a seized/frozen engine. It almost impossible to prevent rust without fogging marine engines at end of the day. Remember rust never sleeps!!

    Good luck and many great days with your ski, Ed

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    I figured it out that it was the cable to the oil pump that has been removed. I can't figure out how to remove this thread.

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