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    Wink Much easier winterization!

    I have a siphon bulb and some tubing I used to pump antifreeze into the cooling system where the cooling hoses connected to the engine. It was a pain in the arse and it took a long time.

    This year though, I disconnected the garden hose from the spigot, and poured a full gallon of antifreeze into the nozzle end of the hose. The hose was long enough that it held the whole gallon inside the hose. Then I reconnected the hose back to the spigot, and the other end to the Waverunner hose flushing connector. I started the Waverunner and turned on the hose. When all the water outlets on the outside of the Waverunner were running pink, I turned the hose off. This was so much easier and faster than how I had done it in the past! I believe it is more thorough as well...

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    that's an interesting idea.

    Most of us just buy a small electric pump with a hose on each end, put one end in the bottle of antifreeze and the outward flow to water hook up in the ski. not everyone uses antifreeze but for the most part everyone that does uses something like this.

    there pretty cheap, I'm sure west marine has them.

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    I like the pump idea myself as it pressurizes the a/f & 'pushes' it through the system. all hoses & jackets. Using gravity feed I personally felt like the engine was running more than 15-20sec. and not really receiving enough fluid.
    I get the idea of hooking up the hose, but then you are just allowing water to enter the system & diluting the a/f. It contradicts the whole purpose.

    I learned that clamping/pinching the hose after the 'Y' adapter (follow from the flush-out hose), will allow the engine/system to fill up properly w/ a/f. if you don't pinch the hose off, most of what is being gravity fed in, will actually just dump out of the rear w/o even circulating the system. this is why is needs pressure.

    You can make a bilge pump work too. place pump into a bucket of A/F & connect hose to 'flush' hose.
    (w/o an adapter, you can connect it to the inside hull hose instead of the special yamaha fitting)
    be sure to pinch of the 'Y' hose going to the rear at least for a few seconds.

    I have also done a gravity feed flush. I got an adapter fitting that threads to my 1 gal a/f jug and then connected it to the the hose by the 'Y' adapter. I squeezed the jug while the ski was running. since squeezing isn't the best pressuring system,(can't squeeze entire jug into system in under 20secs) You have to do this a few times while letting the engine cool in-between.

    If your going to be doing it yourself every year(..and you should), I'd invest in the proper fittings to make it an easy connection and use a pump to keep it simple. Drill pump or bilge pump work great!
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    If you are winterizing a 2 stroke Yamaha, you are wasting money and time flushing with antifreeze. If you rev the engine a few times out of the water to push the water out of the water box you are good. Read the owners manual, no mention of putting antifreeze in the boat. I have owned waverunners since 1990, temps here get to -20F, and have never had a problem.

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