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    96 waveraider 1100 fuel starvation (i think)

    I have a 96 1100 waveraider and will not start unless I put fuel directly in the carbs. I changed most the fuel lines and see a lot of air bubbles in the lines.

    I am thinking that the fuel pump may need to be rebuilt.

    any thoughts?

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    Does it run and continue to run after you get it started? I think you're on the right track with the fuel pump rebuild idea as long as the rest of the fuel system checks out ok (ie the in tank pickup tube assembly, fuel filter, etc) and you are getting a good pulse signal to the pump.
    Does the compression check out ok?

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    Okay lets get basics out of the long was the machine sitting before you now are trying to start it? Was it running before it sat? Did you rebuild carbs? Do you feel confident you rebuilt correctly? Did you get high and low needle settings back like before? Do you have the fuel switch on? Do you have fuel? Filter clean? Filter changed? Good fresh gas? got the lines replaced correctly, none switched?

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