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    supercharger rpm versus motor rpm? are they the same?

    I thought the superchargers where just direct drive off the crank.
    But then I started hearing about different numbers of teeth on the gears etc.
    So if they are not one to one gear ratio to the crank, what are they?

    Mire specifically, I am asking thus regarding the 255/260 hp models.

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    They are not a direct drive. The ratio is 5.5:1

    If your engine is turning 8100 RPM your supercharger is spinning 44,550 RPM

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    Hense why its important to service and rebuilt your chargers every hundred hours or 2 years.... its a BIG headache and dents the walet when they fail when you could have spent 500 bucks to get it rebuilt.... I tell my customers consider it cheap insurance.... a charger can go at any time but less likely if the bearings are fresh

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