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    New here, still reading up

    Hey all.. Didn't see an introduction section so I'll just post here. I am looking at purchasing my first set of Jet Skis - a pair of '04 Polaris MSX 110s. The seller says they have around 100 hours each, is the second owner, has done all the maintenance himself, and has all the service records from the first owner. I asked him if there's been any major issues, and mentioned the famous wastegate issue, and he said he's had no trouble with that. He's selling them for $5000 for the two skis and trailer.

    I plan on getting the HIN's from him and running them at the dealer or hopefully through a member here to see what service has been done at the dealer. They are about 3 hours from me so I'm trying to get as much done as I can before making the trip.

    From what I said so far, does this sound like a decent deal to you guys? I realize it's limited info but like I said this is my first purchase... Any and all advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!

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    I would not buy them unless you are ready to dump money and time into them if something goes wrong. I regret getting one. Now I have a seadoo that I can take and get fixed or readily get parts for. Just my opinion.

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    The Weber motors used in the MSX 110 is VERY expensive to fix should something go wrong. I personally would not buy a ski with that motor in it. The MSX is a great hull and a great ride. If you like the MSX look for an MSX 140. Its a direct injected 2 stroke. Those that have them love them.

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    Thanks for the advice guys. Is the reason they're so expensive to fix because they are no longer supported since Polaris doesn't buy them anymore? This is about the right size and price for what I'm looking for. I guess I will continue my search. Thanks!

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    Look for some 08 and newer seadoo gti or yamaha ho skis.
    Both are near bullet proof and very fun to ride.

    Or a brand new spark.... cant beat that full dooo warranty..

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    Arrow Weber turbo engine in Polaris MSX models

    Quote Originally Posted by mrinken View Post
    Thanks for the advice guys. Is the reason they're so expensive to fix because they are no longer supported since Polaris doesn't build them anymore? This is about the right size and price for what I'm looking for. ...
    Not really.

    At the core the Weber MPE750 engine as originally installed by Polaris was early in the engine product's life cycle and these early Weber engines have about four well known issues that occur commonly, but perhaps not always. Engine parts are generally expensive for the Weber.

    The Weber engine is also a tight fit inside the watercraft hull, so it can be labor intensive to work on these engines. Often other parts must be removed to get access to the item you want to repair.

    On the positive side, when the Weber engine is running well it is quite impressive. Amazing fuel economy, especially with the available ECU upgrade. Long cruising distance due to the large fuel tank and modest engine thirst. It is possible to upgrade the Weber engine to nearly 200hp which provides excellent acceleration and overall performance and still allows very good mid-range cruise economy.

    The Polaris MSX hull is well regarded and is still, today, considered to be a modern design that compares well with current products from the other remaining brands. The MSX 140 is the same MSX hull but with a 2-stroke electronic fuel injected engine. I have one, as does Bryan. Similar power and performance to the MSX150 model but with the mechanical simplicity and reduced engine repair costs of a 2-stroke.

    The same Ficht 2-stroke fuel injected engine is available in the Virage three seat model and the slightly larger Genesis four person model. The Genesis is one of the few watercraft ever sold that is rated to carry four people. This allows, for example, towing two people on a tube while still having a spotter and driver onboard. Many jurisdictions require the craft itself to be able to carry everybody on the tube plus the driver and spotter.
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