Turbo Spark ahoy! It’s possibly the single-most anticipated thing since the launch of the Spark itself – a tested and true intercooled turbo kit. Over the last couple of months,*The Watercraft Journal has been watching and regularly updating you on the developmental progress on the kit from famed Swede tuner garage V-Tech Tuned. Now, in a partnership with www.sparkwatercraft.com, the killer kit can be yours.

Priced at $3,500 USD, the turbo kit includes a $240 shipping cost, but that’s the bad news. The good news is that the kit includes everything you need to turbocharge your Spark, and we mean everything – that is except for a CNC adapter that needs to be welded to your Spark’s exhaust manifold; as well as a V-Tech maptuner and tuning credit.

Included in the kit are the aforementioned CNC adapter, Mitsubishi TD04 Turbo, waterjacketed heat shield to prevent heat above turbo, waterjacked exhaust pipes, CNC through-hull adapter using the stock exhaust port, water-cooled intercooler, air filter and filter sock, three upgraded injectors, a map sensor and two adapters for oil connectors to and from the turbo pipes, hoses, silicone adapters.

According to www.sparkwatercraft.com, “Due to the huge increase in power, V-Tech also recommends that you run the Skat-Trak dual impeller and stainless steel wear ring.”

Designed to run on a stock ACE engine, the kit only pushes with a moderate 5 to 6psi but produces 140 horsepower and gobs more torque!

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