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    Unhappy Gpr1200 bogging issues

    Hi all, just put the ski back in the water after a few months, noticed it has been bogging in the revs dept initially, but just a couple of blips of the throttle and its away fine, runs sweet as at high revs, only does it at low revs or going slow and sometimes not all the time.
    On the hose it doesn't to it at all.
    Im not sure whether it is carb related or impeller shaft related or something else.
    I did notice the impeller shaft in the engine bay was quite hot, I wouldn't have thought this was normal or is it?

    Any ideas/help on how to solve/progress this would be very much appreciated.


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    Just to add more detail, when it does its thing it sounds like its struggling to turn over, almost stalls, almost like putting ur car in a higher gear at low revs while moving.
    But just blipping the throttle a couple times it seems to come right, lot of cavitation tho, more than there used to be.

    I hope someone can help me out, before I go pulling stuff out in the wrong area, don't need the extra work.

    Could it be a carb issue - where in the lower revs its struggling to get fuel in, but wen revs increase its able to get more fuel so its fine?

    Or a driveline issue - where maybe some or one of the bearings in the driveshaft/pump/impeller assembly is on the way out, lot of extra friction so hard to start rotation but once its got more revs up its ok, with the "maybe on the way out" bearings its generating a lot of heat in the intermediate driveshaft.

    also read something about the splines of the intermediate shaft wearing/stripping off. don't know if its that though.

    Thoughts anyone? cheers

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    it sounds like you may hve a bearing going out in the jet. You could slide the engine forward and manually spin jet, or remove the jet and check. Take the hours into consideration, it may be time for a jet rebuild anyway.

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    Hey mate, have you sorted this out? Sounds like the issue I had, I had a slightly bent mid-shaft that blew the crankshaft seals by putting extra stress on them. The loss of power only sometimes at low revs is exactly what I had. Not saying this is what it is but check these seals if you can.

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