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    Sex Sent me To The ER!

    No Not Me, Its that New Show on TCL Has Anyone Seen it Yet?
    Sex Sent Me To The ER" is an all-new series documenting the real-life and often hilarious stories of what happens when passion turns to panic and leads to the ER! here's a clip

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    My name is Sean and I am addicted to STXs smokeysevin's Avatar
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    I saw it in the guide last night but skipped past it, it cant be as bad as some of the shit they show, although discovery is looking more like spike tv every day.


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    always a good idea to be situationally aware when working around moving parts of any kind, while I won't bore with details..I came close to an ER visit after an especially zesty session in my youth. Can't imagine it could be any worse then stories shared by an ER nurse pal of mine.

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    I saw last nights show ... some crazy women had a four hr orgasm .... Dam !

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