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    Question kawasaki stx 1100 value??

    hi I am new to the site from new York and am wondering if anyone can help me with the value of a 2001 Kawasaki stx 1100 with 90 hours on it, appears to be in good shape I am fairly new to pwc's so any help with this would be appreciated, thanks

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    I haven't looked it up but as an owner of 2 STXs, I would guess about $3200. A lot depends on your local market. A depressed economy or (as in my area) dried up lakes can really affect the selling price.
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    Looking to sell my '01 STX 1100 with 95hrs this coming spring, and steve hit it perfectly; I'm looking for $3200 with trailer.

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    thanks for the responses guys, I'm going to look at one soon any advice on what to look out for or check out on it?

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    I would suggest at the least doing a compression check..should be even across all three. Best bet would be to pay a local shop to evaluate it, well worth the money imho, specially for a newbie. Even on a fairly cherry ski I often suggest pulling the jetpump for a complete inspection of the fairly expensive bits contained within. Sand inside the hull can be a sign of a previous sinkage

    Ask about service records. You can tell a lot b the condition of the interior and bottom of the hull. Don't pay top dollar now..expect to shave at least 10-20% off the price of a mid winter purchase.

    If it is an absolute beauty cosmetically, it will get good money, but again, expect to pay less in Janaury. The same ski in july will get far more.

    Oh yeah..welcome to GH!

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    Peter said it best.
    20% off during winter or more.

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