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    Need Help with Pro 785!!

    Just to explain the situation, I'm french and we don't have many polaris users in our country so it is complicated to find any infos!
    Thanks to this website, I pick up lots of informations! Thank you guys!
    So instead of hearding all the time on TV that our french president is the new "latin lover" , with a friend of mine we built up a Pro 785.
    We swap the electrical valve (and remove the electrical motor) by gas valve but the jet is not working well . Do we have to make some mods on the CDI because there is no valve motor at all? or should we link the valve motor even if we don't have electrical valve?

    Sorry for my english!


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    No modifications to the CDI, just leave the exhaust valve electric motor unpluged.
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    Are you certain the gas pressure operated exhaust valves are correctly adjusted?

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    Thanks a lot for your answer!!
    Yes, I'm thinking of changing the setting of the gas valve pressure but I needed to be sure that it can work without changing anything on the CDI.
    I have to focus on other stuffs like the pressure and the carbs jetting.
    Do you know exactly at which RPM do the valve open?

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    around 4000 rpms can you post a pic of the valves you have

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