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    Seven Deadly Questions With Mark Gerner

    The Watercraft Journal: Mark, as the founder of PWCOffshore, many might not know much about you as you arenít one to hog the spotlight. Tell us a little bit about your background, and how you came to be leader of an offshore racing movement on the Pacific Coast.
    Mark Gerner: Iím originally from the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area, moved out to California in 1994 after getting out of the Marine Corps where spent a few years as an Infantry Officer. Iíve been aggressively riding watercraft offshore since 1997. In the mid 2000′s, I took note of the declining participation in the historic Long Beach to Catalina and Back Offshore National Championship race (aka ďLB2CATĒ); many were just complaining with only a few coming up with viable solutions to get people interested and back on the water racing.

    By late 2006, early 2007, I had the idea of creating a team of very capable offshore racers that would also act as advocates for our sport. This included a website that would provide [anyone] with enough information to make [them] comfortable with [riding] offshore and possibly racing.

    Click to finish reading the post Seven Deadly Questions With Mark Gerner on The Watercraft Journal.

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    What a great dude. Great article as well. It be great to ride with someone like him for a day. I love offshore riding. Hey mark if u think u can hang we get some good long distance offshore rides on the east coast. A few of us anyways. Yes this is an invite!!!! Pm me if interested haha

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    Best yet. Thanks.
    BZ Mr. Gerner.

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