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    Yet another "What PWC should I get?" Thread - Newb

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the forums and decided to join after researching PWC's for the past couple of weeks. My apologies for yet another "What PWC should I get?" thread but after all of my searching, I've found that you chaps have given great advice. I haven't found any new information regarding my question since late 2013 and I'm looking for an updated response from the PWC demographic.

    I'm in the market to buy a new PWC which I will use solely on the lake. Though my lake gets a little choppy from time to time it doesn't bother me in the slightest so comfort is last in my "want" list behind handling, performance, and reliability.

    There is a twist however to this performance I crave......I am looking for a naturally aspirated (and I will not be considering supercharged crafts at all) craft from either Yamaha, Sea Doo, or Kawasaki. I want the fastest, best handling, exciting, naturally aspirated PWC. I realize some of you may have a o.O face going on when I hold performance so high (without even looking at superchargers) but the fact of the matter is that I am a incredibly streamlined and practical person. Hahahaha. I don't want to ever have the hassle of rebuilding my supercharger or having to worry about its condition at all. I understand that other things can go wrong on a PWC but I just don't want to ever deal with that headache. (and yes I know what I'm missing).

    SO! I have my eyes set on the 2014 Yamaha FX HO (or should I be looking at the VXR??) and the GTI 155 limited (I like those extra goodies). I am open to any brand but I want to make it clear I am looking for the pinnacle performance, handling, naturally aspirated PWC that money can buy (as price is not a factor at all).

    I'll post this to the three general discussions of each manufacturer page (Moderators, please let me know if this is a violation and I'll delete the threads asap!).

    I'm really excited to get into the PWC world and share my experiences with you all for the foreseeable future!

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    With what you state as your goals, the VXR is the Yamaha to go for. The FX is not a performance ski at all.
    The Sea Doo is not even in the same category of the VXR. It would compare to the FX though.
    The only two performance NA skis are the Yamaha VXR and the Kawasaki STX 15F

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    You didn't make ANOTHER what ski should i get post, you make 4 of them. Which is entirely a waste of time and totally uneasescary. Make one thread, and be done with it, not one for each section. Ifyou took the same time and effort you put into making this account, and all these threads, you could have done a little bit of your own searching and been able to make a decision on your own.

    That being said, my vote is a VXR. Fx140, Or two seadoo sparks
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    VXR hands down. They are fast and nimble. You are relatively low to the water which makes it feel faster yet. You won't regret it.

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    VXR/S & Kawi STX-15F. Dosen't take much to get a VXR to 70+ mph. The Kawi can get to mid - upper 60's w/ some work. Both can be made to handle like their on rails.

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    Definitely look at the yamaha vxr! Extremely reliable and the best non supercharger ski out there money can buy!

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    VXR all the way. fastest naturally aspirated ski on the market. Now I've read your thread on the kawasaki board also, naturally they are all saying stx 15f. Either one will put a smile on your face (i've yet to ride a watercraft that didn't ).

    That being said the vxr is the fastest most powerful non supercharged ski on the market. stock is around 68 mph. It's very quick, it turns on a dime, handles amazing, and to be honest, not bashing kawi but... the stx is just an ugly machine IMO

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    Vxr or vxs.
    They are quick and hit max rpms quickly.

    I was suprised at the performance since its a n/a ski.

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    Definitely VXR.
    You are getting the industry's biggest and best 1,812 cc engine, you will love it.

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