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    SLTX 1050 Hot warning

    Can anyone help me out with a part number for the temp sending unit for a 1999 SLTX 1050 the hot warning comes on as soon as the engine is started . Thanks

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    See my signature links. In there is the URL web link for Polaris Industries online parts diagrams.

    The same temp sensor was used for a bunch of model years and models.

    Also check the wiring between the sensor and the electrical box. If the wire is rubbing against something and shorting to the engine it will trigger the HOT warning.

    If the wiring seems good then you should disconnect the battery (negative cable) and open the electrical box. Check inside for loose wires or other problems. Should be clean and dry inside, with zero corrosion.

    The temp sender is simply a switch. It shorts to ground when the sensor detects overheat. You can test the sensor using an ohm meter.

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    Thank you Ill check it out

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