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    Thumbs up Polaris Virage I running again

    I got everything switched to the different hull and the top end rebuilt. I aligned the drive shaft with a rented alignment tool from Watcom and put the jet pump back in less the thru hull bearing. I am going to put in new seals in both the thru hull and jet pump. I hooked a water hose to the cooling line hose which went to the side of the jet pump and slowly ran water thru the engine. Water was coming out both the engine cooling return line and the EMM line. The engine started after about ten rev. I have 23 psi fuel pressure.

    Can I do some low RPM break in with this set up or fog the engine and put in storage (corner of heated building) until this summer.

    I deleted the water injection also and just have the coil zip tied. Will this be ok or should I build the resister plug.

    Thanks for all the help so far. Looks like we saved one from the bone yard.

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    Break in cannot be done without a water load on the engine. No point in having it sit there running out of the water, not much good will come of it.

    Winterize the engine and wait for riding weather to arrive;

    Drain the engine water cooling system by tipping the nose of the hull up higher than ten degrees. This helps water drain out of the EMM and the flywheel cover water jacket.

    Fog the engine by running it dry (no water cooling) while spraying fogging oil down through the access caps on the flame arrestor cover. Total elapsed time should be under 40 seconds. The engine will not shut down even when flooding the fogging spray down the air intakes. It might even rev up some.

    Once the crank case is well fogged, shut the engine off. Remove each spark plug and spray a dose of fogging oil into the top of each cylinder. Lay a rag across the spark plug holes and bump the starter a couple of times to spread the oil around. Reinstall the spark plugs.

    Personally I would replace that no-longer-in-use water injection solenoid coil with a properly soldered and sealed resistor. One less heavy thing flopping around in the hull with the solenoid coil deleted

    Zip tie the resistor terminated wire harness stub alongside the rest of the nearby wire harness to keep it out of trouble.

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