We live in a wonderful world of abundance. Even as global populations continue to climb, food production is still at an all-time high, and at no time has information been more readily accessible nor education more freely provided. In many cases, even the poorest in developed nations live better than the working class a century earlier. Despite personal political nuances, we live in a world of relative comfort, safety and convenience. While it may come off a little cheesy, it might be worth pausing to take a personal inventory of your blessings.

Go ahead, we’ll wait… There. Don’t you feel a little better?

A sense of understanding how good we really have it swam through my mind while riding Yamaha’s gorgeously refined FX High Output WaveRunner. Generously equipped with a king’s ransom in accessories and easy-to-navigate controls, the three-seater runabout is as close to a heavily-optioned four-door E-class sedan as we could imagine. Resplendent in Crimson Red Metallic, our HO glimmered in the winter sun as we glided on the empty lake leaving me to think how good we really have it.

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