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    freshening up the blaster, suggestions on materials and things to do

    I am getting ready to pull apart my 95 wave blaster to do some fiber glass work, painting, and freshening up of the engine before this summer. My game plan is to gut it down to the hull to fix some damage from coming in a little hot and crunching up the bump rail, fill the rough spots in the bottom, paint it, and do a top end, reeds, and anything else needed while its apart.

    my questions are;

    how do i permanetly cure spider webbing so it stopps spreading/dosnt spread after painting?

    What should i use for fiberglass and gel coat? I used some west marine stuff on a diffrent ski a while ago and it was horrible, so im open to suggestions.

    I am set on painting it a dark burnt orange color and doing black mats, and a black seat cover, but what do i do about that ugly yellow bar pad? can it be painted, or can i just remove it with out it looking too stupid? any suggestions on where to get a paint in this color that will last?

    Is there anything else i should do to the hull while it is apart for strength/stability/handling reasons?

    any recommendations on cheap hop ups for the engine/pump? It has a little bigger carb (cant remember what mm, it wasnt that big)with a primer kit, protec vxr pipe with a gutted 1100 box in the nose, dual cooling, oil block off, aftermarket (unkowen type/specs) cdi and coil, and that is about it. It still runs pretty well, but to the best of my knowledge the top end is original, and has had way to many hard hours on it, and is probably about due. It also starts kind of hard if you kill it abruptly when hot, and im not quite sure what that is about. If there is anything else that can be done with budget in mind that might get it moving a little better, please throw out suggestions. However, I am looking to make this thing as reliable as possible, and that is more important then having the fastest ski on the lake.

    if i was rich i would drop an 1100 in it and call it a day, but that isnt in the cards right now. any suggestions appreciated

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    To "cure" spider cracks in the hull you have to grind down the cracks and fill with something that wont crack again. The hull is made out of SMC and is painted so the cracking is the material under the paint. You mentioned that you used some "west marine stuff" and I don't know what that was but in order to have something hold and not re-crack, you need to use epoxy resin and filler if it is a thick repair. Read up on the subject of how to repair SMC or "sheet molded compound". It looks like fiberglass when you cut it and it does have glass fibers in it but it is a completely different material and bondo or fiberglass products will not stick to it permanently. A good two part urethane paint will be fine over top but an epoxy primer is needed. All this stuff can be bought at a commercial paint supply place as corvettes are now made of SMC so the technology is well known.

    You have most of the hop up parts already but if the motor is out, take it completely apart, replace the crankshaft seals, put new rings in it if the pistons measure out OK and rebuild the carb if it has more than a couple of years on it. This will give you like new or better performance without sacrificing your reliability. Blaster hulls are pretty stout so I can't think of any reinforcements needed. You might want to search the "old school" skis forum for Blaster hull upgrades or issues.

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