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    1996 sl900 - Delaware - mechanic needed

    So I think it is time for my sl900 to go through a carb rebuild ... Does anyone know a mechanic on the East Coast?? We have nobody that works on polaris from what I can tell!

    I also have have only found the one site on here that has polaris parts... And I'm good to have them shipped and all but doing it myself would not be wise!

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    Parts are available from a number of online sources.

    John Zigler has a carb rebuild service, along with new and OEM parts. Even has a specific carb rebuild kit for the Polaris models.

    See my signature links for other important maintenance info.

    It is essential that the entire fuel system be maintained, not just the carburetors. Original gray Tempo fuel hoses are taboo, for example.

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    There's a guy in Bridgeport, PA. that works on skis, about a two hr. drive from your area
    He's got a web site too,

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