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    REALLY newbish waveblaster question but Quick

    i think i want a blaster 1. im still deciding on what ski to buy. MY question is, is it humanly possible to stay aboard a blaster at idle? what if you grew used to it? over time could you balance without going anywhere? i ask because i want to get into serious wave jumping but i would be going by myself in the ocean and inlet and well if whatever ski i buy takes a dumb i would like to be able to sit on top of it and devise a plan instead of treading water by myself...what do you think?

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    I had one years ago, you ask about sitting on it at idle. Very easy to do solo. Without power it is more difficult more so in waves. The real trick is getting back on when u throw yourself off.

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    thanks echo, yeah i heard its difficult to get back on, im just trying to guage how difficult it is to sit on it without it running

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    How big are you?

    Its easy for me since I'm not a fatty.

    Waveblasters are fun and very easy to get used to, I recommend them 100%

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    im about 200 pounds but i ride really narrow trails on my mountain bike, the maze trails that yo do like 1mph and just balance. the balance is there i just dont know if its possible to sit on it without it running, what do you think.

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    absolutely doable with out the engine running, if you have a great sense of balance and after riding it for a while. I can stay on mine fairly well without it running as long as the water isnt to choppy. in the ocean, might be another story. The only bad part is there is no way to peek in the engine bay while on the ski.

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    I road one for the first time last year. They are so much fun even though there slow. After 3 goes I was up and after that it was pretty easy once mastered. Just road on flattish water. Whole different kettle of fish in the surf though. I'm going to get a small ski soon but probably a spark as wife and son want to ride it too.

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